FORCE TOOLS AUSTRALIA teams up with International “Top Fueler" STEVE READ of ReadSpeed Racing!

Force Tools Australia has partnered with an International Top Fuel Team READSPEED RACING to demonstrate the quality and efficiency of our Force Tools Product Range through one of the world's most demanding and extreme categories of Motor Sport; the “Top Fuelers”.

STEVE READ has more than 30 years of experience in the Motor Sport industry, mostly in the Top Fuel category. He has led his teams to the pinnacle of the sport and is highly regarded throughout the Motor Sport industry. It is Steve's professional reputation and high regard that gave reason to Force Tools sponsorship of the ReadSpeed team.

With intense competition, where every milli-second counts - Steve is always looking for ways to gain the edge over his fierce competitors.

Steve recognizes the importance of working with only the best in quality tools and equipment and is all too familiar with the time saving requirements desperately needed in his streamlined operation. With an approximate 40 Minute window to strip and rebuild his engine after every pass, Steve and the team work under extreme conditions to pull it together numerous times throughout the meet, ensuring a very exciting and intense week-end.

Force Tools has a system that is second to none providing quality with a “TUV” European standard certification and an efficiency system that stands up to even these tough and grueling conditions.

Our new partnership with Steve and exposure to other teams in this elite level of Motor Sport will prove to be a busy but exciting time for us. FORCE TOOLS continues to lead the way in efficiency systems and quality Tools built to endure the toughest of conditions.

We at FORCE TOOLS wish STEVE and the READSPEED RACING TEAM all the best for the 2007/8 Racing Season and we look forward to an exciting year of action.

Come and see the FORCE TOOLS product in action at the READSPEED Team Trailer with the crew using the FORCE product first hand and a FORCE TOOLS representative will be pleased to chat with you during any of the Race Meets.