Nightfire Top Fuel Spectacular (05 - 06 Jan 2008)

Nightfire Top Fuel Spectacular. This is a summers night not to miss. See the TOP FUELERS dual it out under lights at Willowbank.
See Steve "POMMY" Read unveil his latest weapon. His BRAND NEW TOP FUELER CUSTOM BUILT TOOL KITS supplied by FORCE TOOLS AUSTRALIA.
With Steve's long spanning career of 30 years in Top Fuel Racing and a disappointment at the last race held in Sydney due to spare parts not turning up from the USA, Steve is ready to take on the field with guns blazing.

Come and see Steve, and the "Read Speed Crew". See them using there new FORCE TOOL TOP FUELER KITS. Some of the FORCE TOOLS Team will be there to provide you further information on these amazing new systems. Steve may even fire up his 8000HP weapon "VEGAS" for tuning while you are there.

We look forward to seeing you at the event

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