Darren Morgan has walked away from a frightening and spectacular crash in qualifying at the WSID Boxing Day event, destroying his new Rocket Industries / Wicked Quick Hadman chassis in the process.

Darrens fine, says Team DMR member Col Beasley, physically you wouldn't even know he's been in a crash like that. I guess it's a testament to how the cars are built these days that he can walk away from something like that.

The team have yet to perform any extensive post-crash examinations on the car but they will be investigating what seems to be complications with rear wheel studs that saw one of the rear wheels sheer off during the run.

The car, not unexpectedly, is destroyed.

The engine did 10,000rpm on it's side and that's never a good thing, but we won't know the extent of any problems motor wise until we get it back home, continues Beasley.

The team has loaded up and will head south to Canberra either late tonight or tomorrow morning for their commitments to the Summernats where the Rocket Industries / Wicked Quick dragster was scheduled to appear for a display, an engine start and a burnout during the event.

Obviously they can't do the engine start or the burnout but they will be taking the wrecked car, the hauler and their apparel trailer in for a display. I think there's a lot of people who want to see the wrecked car to be honest, it has made national headlines.

The important thing from all this is that Darren Morgan is OK.

It was a brand new car, basically one meeting old but they have more cars, says Beasley, and only one Darren Morgan.

Thankfully your OK, Darren.

We at FORCE TOOLS want to wish you a VERY SAFE New Year.

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