New Tool Box Range NOW Available for 2009

We have been diligently working over the Christmas period to present you with our NEW TOOL BOX range for 2009.

There are 5 new models NOW available including a "NEW PREMIUM SERVICE CART"

- 8 Drawer JUMBO Roller Cabinet (NEW)
- 8 Drawer Roller Cabinet (NEW)
- 5 Drawer Top Box (NEW)
- Premium Service Carts

We have also just Released !!!!!!!!!

Soon to be complemented by a - Signature Series Roller Cabinet.

Our newest release "Signature Series" is part of our growing alliance with the "A GRADE" Motor sport industry. FORCE TOOLS has been one of the greatest assets to the global hand tool industry over the past 20 years and has been one of the pioneers of many new and innovative products.

Australian Motor Sport teams are one of the industry sectors that have welcomed the FORCE product range into Australia with great enthusiasm, providing them with confidence that FORCE TOOLS is one of the few companies that carry the prestigious European "TUV" certification.

Our extensive research into providing only the best quality products into our ever increasing product range has prompted the BEST and most AGGRESSIVE "A GRADE" Racing Teams in Australia to join with the FORCE TOOLS brand, Drag Racer Darren Morgan and John Zappia also legendary engine builder, Mick Webb to name a few.

FORCE TOOLS together with the front runners in "A GRADE" Racing have created an alliance to meet the challenge and continue the quest to research, develop and present the best quality products in the most efficient modular layouts available in Australia today.

We are also please to say that the VACC will be presenting this NEW and exciting range of Toolboxes to their 2009 APPRENTICES.

We wish all VACC Apprentices the very best for 2009 and encourage you to ask one of our staff for any of your future FORCE TOOLS requirements.

Click Here for more details and add-ons available for these tool boxes