Melbourne Motor Show (27 Mar - 09 Apr 2009)

FORCE TOOLS and the VACC has combined efforts to put a very impressive stand together, show casing the Famous Wicket Quick/ Rocket 10,000 HP Top Fuel Car, a V8 Super Car. Come and see us at the VACC stand and find out more about the VACC apprentice program and FORCE TOOLS.

The Melbourne International Motor Show is a chance for the world's major car manufacturers to showcase the latest in auto technology, but it's the Rocket Industries Wicked Quick Top Fuel Dragster of Darren Morgan's that has been turning the most heads at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Mildura-based former Top Fuel national Champion acknowledges the help of Force Tools and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce. "Derek Hermann from Force Tools organised the deal along with the VACC to help us get here, to give them a bit of zip, to act as a draw card." Well, a draw card it certainly has been with huge crowds tussling for the best photo opportunities.

"The main comments we've heard are from people who want a track here. Thousands of people have come through asking when we will have a track here in Melbourne, and telling us how much they miss having drag racing in Victoria," explains Morgan.

With this in mind, the Victorian public have not been able to get up close and personal with a Top Fuel race car for a number of years. Morgan has enjoyed chatting with the race fans about how far the sport has come. "A lot of people have been saying how pretty the cars look now compared to how rough they use to look, back when they remember them. Also they have been stunned with how quick the cars go now, how many spares you''ve got to have and how professional it has got."