Across OZ and FORCE TOOLS team up (08 Sep 2010)

Departing Oct 16th 2010, two adventure motorbike riders will commence on a journey of a lifetime, crossing the continent from East to West, returning home via the southern coastline some six weeks later.

Damian Milo and Bruce Potts, will be completing a passion that has been in the planning for years, inspired by other great adventure motorcycling tales from around the globe and their own deep driven instincts for adventure and living life to the full. Once just a dream, the trip is ever closer to reality.

In conjunction with Fountainhead Retreat and the Anti Depression Association of Australia, FORCE TOOLS AUSTRALIA and many other sponsors the riders will be promoting the awareness of depressive related illnesses across the country and to send out the message that there are indeed answers to control this debilitating illness and to offer direction for sufferers on where to seek help.

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