Force Tools Partners with JOSS Developments (10 Aug 2010)

1 May 2010


Australian Super-car Company JOSS Developments announces alliance with Force Tools

Melbourne – Australia’s JOSS Developments Ltd, which is currently developing its JP1 production supercar, has formed an alliance with Force Tools and will, from today, being using Force Tools exclusively.

“This is an exciting alliance and a natural fit for our company,” said JOSS Developments CEO, Glenn Draffin.

“JOSS Developments Ltd currently has agreements with a range of global alliance partners, including Formula One paint supplier AkzoNobel BV, suspension specialist Penske and gearbox manufacturer Albins.

“For JOSS the most vital criterion when developing strategic partnerships is that potential alliance partners need to be the best of their kind in the same way that JOSS seeks to be the best of its kind. We are therefore naturally very proud to finally be able to announce our partnership with Force Tools.

“Not only will the JOSS Developments technical department be using Force Tools to develop and build JOSS production vehicles, but Force Tools will also supply special bespoke toolkits as original equipment with each JOSS car sold,” said Draffin.

Force Tools Australia Managing Director, Derek Herman: “Force Tools produce equipment of the highest standards. All of our products have European TÜV certification. More than that, the Force Tools storage system has been specifically developed to increase technician efficiency.

“Force Tools wants to align itself with companies innovating to the highest possible standards because it is at this cutting-edge level that Force Tools really exhibit their superior quality.

“We believe that JOSS Developments Ltd and Force Tools are a perfect match,” concluded Herman.

About Joss Developments Limited

JOSS Developments Limited was formed in 1998. Their prototype JT1 supercar was first shown at the 2004 Melbourne International Motor Show to worldwide acclaim. The company’s highly skilled team, many of whom have experience in a variety of motor racing championships such as Formula One and V8 Supercars, has worked for companies such as BMW, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Ford, and Holden Special Vehicles. The company’s two-seat production supercar, codenamed the JOSS JD1, is currently in development. Its technical features are numerous and include a central monocoque made from Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), a mid-mounted engine and a top speed in excess of 300km/h.

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