50234-107 - Black suitcase with 107pcs of tools


14-6pt. Flank socket 3.2;4;4.5;5;
5.5;6;7;8;9;10;11;12;13;14 mm
20-1/4" bit 25mmL
Slotted 4; 5.5; 6.5 mm
Hex 3; 4; 5; 6; 8 mm
Phillips PH.1; PH.2; PH.3
Pozidriv PZ.1; PZ.2; PZ.3
Star T10;T15;T20;T25;T30;T40
1-Flexible bit ratchet handle for 1/4" inhex
2-Extension 2" & 6"
1-Universal joint
1-Bit Adaptor 1/4"Hex x 1/4"Sq
1-Adaptor for extension 3/8"(F)x1/4"(M)
1-Magnetic socket pick up
10-1/2”DR. 6pt. Flank socket
10; 12; 13; 14; 15; 17; 19; 21;
22; 24 mm
1-Engineer hammer 300gw
1-Rubber hammer 400gw
1-Dynamo LED torch
1-1/2”DR 24 teeth Ratchet handle
1-Mini hacksaw 6"
2pc Saw blade
1-5m measuring tape
1-Auto center punch12325 04...065

1-Utility knife (incl. 2pc blades)
1-Chisel 12mm (150mmL)
1-Cape chisel (150mmL)
1-Pin punch 4mm (190mmL)
1-Taper punch 3mm (185mmL)
1-Center punch 4mm (185mmL)
1-Locking pliers 10"
10-Hex ball point long key
1.27;1.5;2;2.5;3;4;5;6;8;10 mm
11-Combination wrench
21;22 mm

1-Insulated water pump pliers (curved jaw) 10”
1-Adjustable gauged wrench (250mmL)
1-Insulated long nose pliers 6”
1-Insulated combination pliers 7”
1-Insulated diagonal cutting pliers 6”
1-Insulated wire stripper pliers 6”

12-Insulated phillips screwdriver
PH.1; PH.2
4-Insulated slotted screwdriver
3; 4; 5.5; 6.5mm
1-Stubby phillips screwdriver PH.1
1-Stubby slotted screwdriver 6.5 mm
3-Phillips screwdriver PH.1;PH.2;PH.3
1-Induction circuit tester


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